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100,000 Experts Getting Recognition for Review

Last week, Thomas Weber became the 100,000th expert reviewer to join the Publons community. Congratulations Thomas and welcome!

We're thrilled and humbled to know that Publons is helping you, the world's expert reviewers, get the recognition you deserve.

But there's more to do.

In today's "publish or perish" world, many still turn a blind eye to the critical importance of peer review.

You are expected to stand watch over research in your spare time, with little acknowledgement for the time, effort and expertise it takes.

Thankfully, our growing community is changing things for the better. Peer review is at the heart of research and with over 100,000 Publons experts now tracking how often they stand watch over novel research, we’re bringing attention to the importance of peer review.

On that note, we've compiled a summary of your year in review. Go to your profile and add "year-in-review/" to the end of the url to view yours.

When we acknowledge the importance of peer review contributions, there is greater incentive to review and to review better. With great minds committed to discussing and evaluating the world's research, we can push forward the frontiers of human knowledge.

So from all of us here at Publons, thank you for a wonderful 2016. We look forward to the next phase of our journey together - speeding up research. Until 2017!

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