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  • My Head of Department gave me specific feedback on two aspects of my [promotion] application. One was my teaching, the other was my Publons profile. It really stood out that someone could verify what I had done in terms of peer review. Needless to say that my Head of Department is a physicist, so he likes evidence!
    Matthias Lein
    Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington
  • It is one of the best professional interactions. Publons helped me to evidence my work as a reviewer and to be proud of it. I am grateful for it, because my effort was minimal and your team has done this amazing work.
    Eugenia Fagadar-Cosma
    Senior Researcher, PhD Supervisor, Coordinator of Organic Chemistry - Porphyrins Programme at Institute of Chemistry Timisoara of Romanian Academy
  • Publons is a perfect way to keep a validated track-record of contributions as a reviewer. This is a great way to keep my reviewer activity organised and documented for academic documents like CV and promotion applications.
    Timothy R Angeli
    Research Fellow - Auckland Bioengineering Institute, The University of Auckland
  • The easiest and most trusted way to keep track of your contributions as a reviewer and editor. With Publons, instead of writing in my CV a long list of journals I have reviewed for, I just show a number for my Reviewer Merit and a link to my Publons profile.
    Daniel Montesinos
    Researcher - Centre for Functional Ecology, Universidade de Coimbra

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Compare your reviewing behaviour with others around the world. Keep your statistics private or share them publicly, the choice is yours. See the average impact factor of journals you review for, your review to publication ratio, average length of your reviews and more..

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Review and post-publication activity on Publons factors into Altmetric scores. Initiate discussion around papers that interest you or invite others to evaluate your papers and track the altmetric activity.

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Enable features to automatically export your review record to your ORCID ID. Once activated, your Publons and ORCID accounts will remain synced, so your review work is visible across the web.

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