Integrating journals with Publons Reviewer Recognition Service


Why integrate with Publons?

Publons integrates seamlessly with the editorial management system to streamline the process of recognising the valuable efforts of your reviewers. This provides key benefits:

1. A better reviewer experience
A Publons integrtion lets your reviewers effortlessy track and verify every review they perform for your journal(s), without infringing on journal policies. Now reviewers can prove how often they contribute to the high quality research you publish.

With greater incentives to review, your editors will be able to get reviews done more easily.

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2. Unique insights into your review process & performance
Use our Partner Dashboard to better understand your reviewers' availability, behaviour and to find new, unutilised reviewers.


3. Show your journal(s) are committed to improving peer review & research
Publons is committed to improving the quality of peer review and, in turn, research.

By partnering with Publons, you are helping show the world that peer review is not only a service to one's field, but a measurable reflection of their expertise and efforts safeguarding research.

Together we can help researchers showcase their previously hidden peer review contributions, giving them more reason to want to review and to review better.

We make it very easy to integrate, for more information contact us at

How it works for reviewers

Publons works with the editorial management system of the journal to transfer the review records for reviewers that explicitly opt-in to the Publons service.

What review information is made public?

By default, the only review information displayed on Publons is the name of the journal reviewed for and year the review was performed. This is to ensure we protect reviewer anonymity and comply with journal review policies.

Journals can set permissions to specify exactly what information reviewers can publicly display about a review.

Some publishers or journals give reviewers the option to reveal the manuscript title after the manuscript is published, for instance.

See the Publisher and Journal Review Policies section below for more details.

Integration details

Publons offers three styles of integration at competitive rates:

  • Editorial Management System integration

We can integrate directly into your manuscript submission system by adding a question to your review forms. This allows your reviewers to automatically get recognition for their review by simply ticking a box when completing the review. Currently we support ScholarOne Manuscripts, Editorial Manager , and Open Journal Systems .

  • API integration

If you prefer, you can design a process for posting directly to our API and we'll give you unlimited access.

  • Email integration

Get priority access to for your journal by including some editorial manager specific code in your thank you messages.

Register your interest for a quote and to get started integrating your journal with Publons.

Default Review Permissions

When a researcher signs up to Publons, their default review permission settings are configured as:

  • Privacy:
    Show journal
  • Content:
    Hide review content

No matter what privacy settings are in place, we never display information about the manuscript until the manuscript has been published.

Typically this means we require a DOI or a URL for the manuscript before reviews can be published or signed.

Publisher & Journal Review Policies

Both Publishers and journals can customise their review policies on Publons to control what review information is made public.

For example, publishers and journals can set policies that allow or prevent reviewers to/from signing their name to reviews (i.e. associating the title of the article reviewed with the reviewer) and publishing the content of reviews.

Publisher and journal review policies trump a reviewer's preferences.

Publisher and journal review policies are controlled through the private Partner Dashboard. To request access to your private Partner Dashboard, contact your Publons Administrator or email

You can see any journal's policy here. If a reviewer wants to publish the content of their review, or sign thier name to a review for a journal that restricts them from doing so, we ask them to contact the editor.

Until permission is granted, reviewers can not reveal information that is restricted by the publisher/journal policy. For example:

  • A journal may restrict privacy to "Show journal"
    If a reviewer elects to "Show journal and article title" but the journal has restricted privacy to "Show journal", the "Show journal" permission will be used when displaying the review.

  • An author or journal may disallow publishing of review content
    If a reviewer elects to "Publish review content" but an author of the publication or the journal disallows publishing review content, the "Hide review content" permission will be used when displaying the review.

The Author's Preferences

Authors of a reviewed publication can decide whether or not reviewers can publish the content of their reviews.

This will only affect reviews where both the reviewer has elected to publish the review's content and the journal's policy allows it.

Authors only have control over whether a reviewer can publish review content. Whether or not a reviewer signs a review (i.e. has their name published as a reviewer of the manuscript) is decided by the reviewer and journal's policy.

  • Allow review content to be published
    Review content will only be displayed if the journal's policy allows it and the reviewer has elected to do so.

  • Disallow review content from being published
    Review content will not be displayed even if both the journal's policy allows it and the reviewer has elected to do so.

You can find journal or publisher policies (where these have been set) from the journal page.

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