Publons integrates with all peer review submission systems to provide peer reviewers instant recognition for their contributions in compliance with journal review policies.

Partners get access to unique tools and insights to understand and improve the quality and efficiency of peer review. 


A better reviewer experience every time

 Publons integrates into the reviewer workflow so academics can track and verify every review and editorial contribution on the fly and in complete compliance with journal review policies.

We help you build stronger relationships with researchers. Add your branding to our post-publication emails letting reviewers know when the paper they reviewed is published.

 Help reviewers effortlessly keep a verified record of all the reviews the do for your journals.

Our partners include:


Build better relationships to get review done

Researchers are more willing to review and provide useful, constructive feedback if they know their contributions will be formally recognised.

It was a little easier spending the morning on manuscript review knowing, even if comments are ignored - I still get some credit. Thanks Publons.
I also believe I am much more constructive and spend more time explaining issues and offering solutions.
— Steven B. Roberts University of Washington, Publons member.

Free Introduction Webinar

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Reviewer Connect

Our exclusive reviewer search tool helps you find, screen and connect with expert peer reviewers.

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Recognize Past Reviews with Publons

Publons’ unique Historic Review Upload feature helps you go the extra mile for your reviewers - past and present.

  • Recognize reviewers’ work and boost their visibility as experts in three simple steps.

  • Engage with thousands of your past peer reviewers.

  • Save reviewers time by building out their Publons profile in a bulk upload.

  • Help reviewers accurately reflect their past work for their research community.

Access to your powerful partner dashboard

  • Track where papers reviewed for your journal(s) go on to be published.

  • Unique insights and analytics into reviewer demographics and availability.

  • Track reviewer uptake and satisfaction with the service.

  • Find and contact reviewers using our new reviewer suggestions and seeing similar journals' reviewers

  • Manage your journal's presence and policy settings on Publons.

  • Much more...

Drive more traffic to your content 

Publons always links to the original content, driving clicks to your platform . 

Track Altmetric scores

Publons is indexed by Altmetric so articles with reviews on Publons start with an Altmetric score.


Learn more about how we protect reviewer anonymity.

Learn more about partnering with Publons.

Support for all peer review submission systems

Publons provides detailed instructions during the integration process. Please contact to add your editorial management system to the list.

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