Valerio Baiocchi


Prof. Geol. Ing. Valerio Baiocchi PhD, PhD, M. Sc.

Valerio Baiocchi received his High school diploma at the age of 17 (the usual age in Italy is 19) at the Scientific High school “C.Cavour” of Rome, the oldest scientific High school of Italy. He is Geologist and Engineer, both full Graduation at “Sapienza” University of Rome, one of the oldest university of Europe, with top marks. He obtained a Ph.D. in Geodesy and survey, at 'Parthenope' University, Napoli, Italy (1996-1999), a Master in Environmental sciences (Scuola di specializzazione), at Urbino University, Italy (1995-1997), and a second Ph.D. in Infrastructures and transports, at 'Sapienza' University of Rome (2006-2009).

Author of more than 200 scientific papers, H-index 10 on Scopus, 8 on WOS and 11 on Google scholar

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