Denis N. Sidorov


DSc (2014) PhD (1999) Postdoc (2000-2002, TCD, Dublin) Postdoc (2003-2004, CNRS, UTC) Vision Engr (2005-2007, ASTI Hlds Pte)

Research Interests: Intelligent data analytics (System identification, Machine learning, Image processing, Data mining, Classification, Forecasting) Digital Signal Processing (Deconvolution, Digital filter design, Signal processing for uncertain systems, Tomography, Spectroscopy, Multi-physics) Nonlinear Systems (Multi-dimensional systems, Robot control, Model reduction, Time-delay systems, Volterra models, Blow-up phenomena, Robust control and estimation) Ill-posed and inverse problems (Operator theory, Singular operator differential models with memory, Differential equations, Integral equations, DAEs)

MSC: 65R30, 45D05, 65R20, 45E10, 94A12, 44A12, 68U10, 46F10, 65R32, 81U40, 92B20, 92C55, 93B15, 94A08

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