Feng Xue


PI researcher on infection, immunity, cancer immunotherapy, and autoimmune pathway in neuron system, based on genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and epigenomics etc.

Research Fields

antibody based assayApplied Immunology (incl. Antibody Engineering, Xenotransplantation and T-cell Therapies)Autoimmune diseaseAutoimmunityAUTOPHAGYBacterial Pathogenesisbacterial physiologyBacteriologyBiochemical Engineering, biomass, biofuels and biomaterialesBioinformatics and Computational Biologycancer genomicscell signalingchronic infectionDevelopmental BiologyendopEndoplasmic reticulumEndoplasmic reticulum stressEpigeneticsEpigenomicsFunctional GenomicsFungal transformationFungigene deliverygene regulationGenesGenetic ImmunologyGeneticsgenetics and genomicsgenome evolutionGenomicsImmune regulationImmunoassaysimmunoinformaticsImmunologyimmunosuppressionImmunotherapyinfection and immunityInfection ControlInfectious AgentsInfectious disease; Infection prevention and control; medical mycology; leptospirosis; multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens; combat-related infections; tropical and travel medicineInfectious DiseasesInflammationInnate ImmunityleptospirosisMedical BacteriologyMedical Biotechnology Diagnostics (incl. Biosensors)Medical ParasitologyMedical VirologyMicroarraysMicrobiologymitophagyMolecular systematicsMolecular Virologymonoclonal antibodiesNeural Stem CellsNeuroImagingNeuroimmunologyNeuroInformaticsNeurophysiologyNeuropsychologyNeurosciencesNeurourologynon-coding RNAParasitologyProtein ChemistryPROTEIN EXPRESSIONprotein secretionProtein TranslationProteomics quantitative geneticsRecombinant Protein expressionReverse GeneticsRNA biologyRNA interferanceRNA-SeqRNA sequencingsignal transduction; mitochondrial biology; cellular, molecular, and biochemical toxicologySpirochaete and spirocheteSpirocheteStem cellStem cellstoxoplasmaToxoplasmosisTranscriptranscription factorsTranscription regulationTranscriptomicsTransgenesisTranslationUnfolded protein responseVaccinesVaccinologyVeterinary ParasitologyViro-immunologyVirology

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Feng is not currently contributing as an editor for any journal or publisher.


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