Rahul Trivedi


Materials technologist with extensive experience in state of the art semiconductor research and technology development. Editor for six and reviewer for several technical journals.

Research Fields

2D Materials AFM algan Alloys Ceramics chemical analysis Chemical Mechanical Planarization cmp Compound Semiconductors Crystal growth CVD CVD diamond defect reduction defects in crystals Design of experiments diamond diamond and carbon films Diamond like carbon dislocation electrical properties of materials Electronic Materials Engineered substrates Epitaxial thin films Epitaxy GaN gas source molecular beam epitaxy gsmbe Heteroepitaxy homoepitaxy hrtem III-nitrides III-V semiconductors ingan IV-VI semiconductors LED Light emitting diodes Materials characterization Material Science Materials Engineering Materials Research Materials science Materials Science and Engineering MBE Metal metallurgy METALLURGY & METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition metal organic vapor phase metals Metals and Alloy Materials MOCVD MOCVD of III-V semiconductors molecular beam epitaxy movpe nano Nanofabrication, Growth and Self Assembly Nanomaterials Nanomaterials, Nanoscience nanotechnology, semiconductor, optoelectronics nanoparticles Nanophotonic, nano diamond, diamond, nanoscience nanotechnology nano semiconductors Nanotechnology Nitride semiconductors Optical Properties of Materials Optoelectronics photoluminescence plasma cvd quality control quantum dots quantum well Rbs Rutherford backscattering spectrometry Self-Assembled Monolayers Self-Assembly self assembly of nanoparticles SEM Semiconducting properties of Materials Semiconductor manufacturing Semiconductor nanostructures Semiconductor physics semiconductor proc Semiconductor process flow Semiconductor Process Technology semiconductors SiC sige silicon slurry TEM thin film Thin Film Deposition Thin Film Physics Thin films Thin Films and Coatings transmission electron microscopy vacuum technology XRD yield

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