Yuri K. Yanov


MD, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Director of the State Organization «Saint-Petersburg Research Institute of Ear, Throat, Nose and Speech" Health Ministry of Russia

Yury Konstantinovich Yanov spent over 40 years studying otorhinolaryngology: in the sterile working conditions of laboratories, in the dust of libraries and also in the hell of warfare. For his service in Afghanistan, incidentally, where he headed up the hospital’s ENT department, Yanov was awarded military decorations and a service weapon. Then, Yury Konstantinovich was to receive another miltary honour, nine medals, and was to produce over 200 scientific and research works, which were to include eight theses and scientific discoveries. Yanov would then be promoted to the rank of General and be awarded the title “Honoured Doctor of Russia”. It is almost impossible, therefore, to overestimate Yanov’s significance to Russian medicine.

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