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I am a PhD student under the supervision of Christoph Meyer (University of Salford) and Jorge Palmeirim (University of Lisbon) focused on bat research and conservation. My current PhD project is based on autonomous remote stations for bat ultrasound detection to investigate the long-term impacts of forest fragmentation on aerial insectivorous bat communities, with fieldwork conducted at the experimental biological station ‘Biological Dynamics of Forests Fragments Project’, in Central Amazon, Brazil. My main area of interest is the ‘soundscape’ exploration, in order to study and promote sustainable land use and bat conservation worldwide.

However, I started working at the Bat Research Group, Natural Science Museum of Granollers (Catalonia) in 2005, and since then I have collaborated on several projects regarding telemetry, habitat selection, biogeography, behaviour and migration, among other topics, shaping my background as a bat researcher focused on applied ecology in both temperate and tropical regions.

In 2010, I concluded my BSc in Biology at the University of Barcelona with a final project on Neotropical bats in Colombia. Afterwards, I jumped to Sydney (Australia) to carry out my MSc thesis on competitive behavioural ecology and physiology between flying foxes, and more recently, I have also joined several bat-related expeditions and projects in Brazil, UK, North Africa, Kenya and Madagascar.

My main research interests focus on bat ecology and conservation mostly focused on landscape connectivity and natural corridors, habitat use and landscape management.

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