Aswini Gnanasekaran


My research interests are Calcium (Ca2+) signaling pathways and its biochemical, functional regulation in neurons. During my doctoral studies I have investigated, molecular mechanisms regulating Purinergic P2X3 pain receptors and its modulation by intracellular calcium in trigeminal neurons of migraine-model mice. In my Post-Doctoral studies investigating , Calcium (Ca2+) signaling pathways in various aspects, including using calcium imaging techniques, working on neurodegenerative models of Stroke and Epilepsy. Here mainly interested on mitochondrial calcium regulation by studying mitochondrial calcium channel. I have also got Prestigious 2 year Post-Doctoral Fellowship grant from American Heart Association (AHA) to study “The role of mitochondrial Ca2+ signaling and mitochondria fission and fusion in the control of synaptic plasticity and neurotoxicity on Stroke model”.

Research Fields

Cellular Nervous System

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