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At Publons, we put the researcher FIRST! We’ve made this part of our goal from day one. That’s why Publons has been completely free for researchers & will continue to have a free offering. With that in mind, there is a lot of work involved in running the home of peer review, and we’re now offering Publons Pro, an upgraded service at a low cost for researchers that want a little extra out of Publons. We will continue to bring you the most authentic experience, putting your needs first.

We appreciate your support!

Upgrade to Publons Pro

A badge of Honour

We’ve created a supporters badge for you to wear proudly on your profile. Show how much you value peer review and get recognition for it.

Priority Access

Get priority access to & to keep your profile up to date as quickly and easily as possible.

Minimal Cost, great benefits

Pay no more for future premium features than you’ve already volunteered. As we add new features, you’ll continue to get access at no extra cost.