10 reasons why you should join Publons


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1. You’re already doing the work. Now get recognition for it.

Peer review doesn’t need to be a thankless job. Now you can prove how much peer review you’ve done and how often the top journals rely on your expertise to vet the world’s research. Simply link to your online Publons profile or include your personalised, downloadable Review and Editorial Record in your CV.


2. It’s free, effortless, and powerful

Adding past and current reviews is simple. Any review for our 3,000+ partner journals can be automatically verified and added to your profile when you submit it to the editorial office. The rest can be added by forwarding us your editor's "thank you" email, which we verfiy behind the scenes.


3. Peer Reviewing can advance your career

Your highly-personalised Review Record turns your review activity into an accurate, credible and measurable research output. You can use it to strengthen your job and funding applications for career advancement or even tenure. Learn how it’s helped reviewers on Publons to secure promotions, fellowships, and even working visas.


4. You won’t compromise journal policies or your anonymity

We list peer review activity in full compliance with journal policies and without breaking reviewer anonymity. By default, the content of the review will not be publicly displayed, and only the year of the review and the journal title will be shown on reviewer profiles. You may edit what is displayed for any review or opt out of the service at any time.


5. Master the skills of peer review

Our online, practical Publons Academy teaches you the core competencies of peer review, and connects reviewers with editors in their field. It’s a great way to learn or brush up on the best-practice tips and tricks needed by peer reviewers today.


Already convinced? 


6. Get measurable insights on your review activity

Learn how often you review, when, the impact of your efforts, and what your acceptance to rejection rate is. You can then compare your reviewing metrics with your peers in your field and institution.

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7. Win Awards for your reviewing efforts

We host the annual Publons Peer Review Awards to celebrate the top researchers in peer review. You’ll receive public recognition of your efforts with a downloadable certificate. You can also keep up-to-date with your peer review standing using our public leaderboards across fields, institutions and countries


8. Show your commitment to sound science and research

Every review you write makes a difference in maintaining the quality and integrity of published literature. As a member of the Publons community you are demonstrating your commitment to sound, reproducible and trustworthy research that will propel humanity forward.

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9. You can also track your editorial work

Publons also lets you keep a verified record of your work as an editor. Because we work with the world’s journals, you can add your status as a handling editor or editorial board member to your profile and have the status verified.

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10. We’re adding new features every day

Import your publications, score papers, add post-publication reviews, see altmetric scores and citations for papers you’ve written, reviewed or edited, register your interest in reviewing for journals in your field, sync your Publons account with your ORCiD and much more...